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Take a look through this site, hear the testimonials, watch the students give their own personal accounts, and then make a judgment. You may be inspired to visit the website, register for an introductory class and begin your own trip down the road of stock market education. It's possible when you learn to trade the market the BetterTrades way.

These BetterTrades students journeyed from various places around the country to participate in a class held at the company's Atlanta office. During one of the session's breaks, they were asked to comment on classes, coaches and instructional materials. The students told their personal stories about how they were able to use a BetterTrades education and learn how to trade.

Many became aware of the company through a TV infomercial and by attending one of the hundreds of Financial Freedom Expos hosted throughout North America. They followed the free seminar by becoming a student, checking out the free classes available on the company's website, and practicing their craft.

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Many people are skeptical when they hear a company make claims about their product or service on a television commercial. BetterTrades is no exception, as there are doubters who don't believe the company can provide the sort of stock market education and training that can make a difference in the lives of individuals. But BetterTrades got to be No. 1 in its field for a reason. The company has taught thousands of students how to use the stock market as an instrument to make better trades.

During a recent series of classes in Atlanta, several students provided their personal testimonials about how they have used the education obtained from BetterTrades. These students have agreed to make their remarks available for anyone who views them.